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Privacy Policy

Website Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the B.A. Cumbie website and reviewing our Privacy Policy. B.A. Cumbie is firmly committed to the privacy of visitors to this website. This policy addresses the collection, use, and security of information that may be obtained through use of the B.A. Cumbie website, and access to that information.

Voluntary Information

The B.A. Cumbie website collects no personal information about visitors, unless the visitor voluntarily provides the information by sending an email or filling out a form online. Forms may be used for such purposes as:

• Requests to receive information.
• Forms to receive further communication with the B.A. Cumbie office. The voluntary personal information collected with online forms may include your name, address, email address or telephone number. This information may be stored in a database, delivered to B.A. Cumbie employees via email, or both.

Emails sent to B.A. Cumbie automatically include the email address of the sender. Any personal information provided in an email will be treated in the same way as personal information submitted using an online form. Emails may be forwarded to the appropriate staff person for response.

The B.A. Cumbie website does not:

  • Collect or sell information for commercial marketing
    • Provide personal information to private organizations
    • Share any personal information with other agencies or persons if prohibited by law. 

The B.A. Cumbie website does not require visitors to register or provide any personal information to be allowed to view pages within the B.A. Cumbie website.

Web Server Log Files

Every visit to any page of the B.A. Cumbie website is automatically recorded in a log file created by the Web server operating software. These log entries record information about the visit that is used to understand how many visitors come to the site and how they use it. These log entries cannot be used to identify any individual person. All visits recorded in this way are anonymous.

Examples of the types of information automatically recorded include:

• The date and time of the visit.
• If the website was reached by using a link from another website, the name of the referring site is recorded.
• If the website was reached using Web search software, the word or phrase searched for is recorded.
• The type of computer operating system used.
• The type of Web browser software used.
The data collected in these log files is reviewed to better understand how visitors use the website. This includes, but is not limited to:
• Counting the number of visitors for a given time period.
• Measuring the average number of pages viewed during each visit.
• Measuring the average length of time each visit lasts.
• Identifying the most frequently visited pages. These analyses are used to generate reports on website traffic. The reports are distributed to B.A. Cumbie employees, board members and/or web master involved with publishing material on the website, so they may better understand how the site is used, and to make improvements.


“Cookies” are small text files generated by the Web server and stored on a visitor’s computer. Cookies placed by a Web server can be read by the server at a later time. The purpose of cookies is to help distinguish each visitor. A cookie might store information about when the visitor last accessed the website, or a marker that indicates a visitor had previously viewed a particular page. For example, if an online survey was conducted on the website, and the intention was that each visitor should only complete the survey once, a cookie might be created when the survey form is submitted to signify that the visitor has completed it.

Cookies stored on a visitor’s computer by the B.A. Cumbie website do not contain personal information. For more information about cookies, visitors are advised to consult the documentation for their Web browser software.


B.A. Cumbie strives to protect the information provided by site visitors. However, this should not be considered as fail proof, and B.A. Cumbie cannot guarantee the security of information stored on the website network.

Public Records and Disclosure

B.A. Cumbie does not sell or rent personally identifiable information.


This Privacy Policy applies only to the B.A. Cumbie website. B.A. Cumbie website may include hyperlinks to connect visitors to other websites operated by other organizations. Visitors who leave the B.A. Cumbie site and view these linked sites are advised that this Privacy Policy does not apply to those linked sites. Visitors with concerns or questions about the privacy policies of linked sites are advised to read the policies that may be published on those sites, or to contact the operators of those sites.

revised 3-31-2022